We have been asked severally over the phone and in casual one on one conversations  the cost of our services and our answer has always been two questions....

  1. what business are you into and
  2. what are you expecting from your website?


We do not give our potential clients service costing information over the phone or through a from request from our website. If you call our office today and express interest in working with us and ask how much we charge, you can be sure that we will not give you a price. This is because we believe individual requirements differ and until we fully understand your business and the key reasons why you want to go online, we are not equipped to give you a full proposal with your best interest at heart.


We love to get to know you and you us before we talk about price. It is not because we are not keen on your business but because we believe that is the only way we can collectively benefit from our working relationship.


We can assure you that your interest is our priority!