"Content is king." Cliché, yes; but it has never been more true. It is easy to contract a web developer who has mastered HTML and learned a few neat tricks in JavaScript and Dynamic HTML to design a pretty impressive-looking Website for your company or organization. But your next task must be to fill that fancy page layout with some real information. Any site that successfully attracts repeat visitors has to have fresh and constantly updated content.


The problem is that, more often than not, the people who provide the content for a site are not the same people who handle its design. Frequently, the content provider does not have knowledge in even the fundamentals of HTML. How, then, is the content to get from the provider onto the Website? Not every company can afford to staff a full-time Webmaster, and most Webmasters have better things to do than copying Word files into HTML templates anyway.

The DOT HOUSE Content Management Service is a professional service tailored to support your online presence by providing you with 24/7 professional content management supportservices.


Our experience as one of Ghana's leading website design service providers is that companies have staff members whose duties and roles are constantly changing, not to mention the fact that employees are constantly on the move. Result is that 99% of the companies in Ghana do not have dedicated website content managers. A simple evaluation of the websites of companies in Ghana will support this fact. The contents are almost always outdated. This phenomenon has turned corporate websites to flyers with customers only referring to them for contact information not to take any serious business decisions as they have come to accept that the information there is not reliable.


Our Content Management Services will help you reverse this trend. This is an independent service from our website design services. What this mean is that you dont have to be our client. Once you have a website, we can support you in managing the content of the site.


Contact us today to discuss your website and how we can work together to make your website an online masterpiece.