Today, as users, we're constantly on-the-go. The majority of website visits start on mobile devices and this trend is very likely to keep increasing with each coming year. As a result, optimizing website accessibility and user experience on tablets, smartphones, and every device imaginable is becoming increasingly important in order for all businesses to stay relevant. To accommodate users, websites that are designed responsively are typically the best option available today.

In keeping with our mission to "make use of up-to-date technologies in our service delivery", DOT HOUSE has brought its workforce to speed to design responsively. Charity they say begins at home and so we have redesigned our own website to be responsive, serving as our number one reference point for anybody who wants to engage our services.


Responsive design is an approach to web development by which a website is planned, designed, and developed to appear optimally in a range of devices. The phrase "appear optimally" refers to a page being readable, easy-to-navigate, and usable with minimal panning and scrolling. Responsive Design is not just a method or technique - it is a fundamental ideology about how a site is designed and built.


No matter how small the project, our design philosophy going forward is MOBILE FIRST!